So you are thinking about polished concrete floor for you business or for your home’s basement? Well, you would be making a wise choice to have your structural concrete floors transformed into beautiful polished concrete floors.

Creating a polished concrete floor requires a multi step process (7 to 12 steps) which involves several steps of diamond grinding the surface and several steps of resin polishing the surface as well as 2 types of penetrating sealers to protect your polished concrete floors.

So why is concrete polishing is so popular? The main reasons are

  • Esthetic appearance – Natural look with unique non repeating pattern
  •  Low cost – Polished concrete is an economical eco- friendly flooring
  •  Hygienic – Easy to clean and maintain and does not harbour bacteria, dust for healthy breathing and living
  •  Durability and longevity – very resilient and has life expectancy of 20+ years.
  •  Radiant heated floors – Polished concrete is the best flooring type for heated floors. Concrete spreads the heat evenly throughout the surface without having to heat another floor surface on top as well as allowing the concrete to breathe.
  •  LEED – for commercial buildings polished concrete provides for maximum LEED points when installing polished concrete floors.